Building Block 2020 - 2021 (Kindergarten)

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Dandyby Ame Dyckman
Although Sweetie has named and is caring for the sole dandelion on his perfect lawn, Daddy, with his friends' urging, does all he can to get rid of the weed before it spreads.

Duck!by  Megan McKinlay
When Duck runs around the farm shouting 'DUCK!' to all the other animals, the animals grow increasingly frustrated as they try to explain to Duck just which animal is which. Unfortunately, something is falling from the sky. And 'DUCK!' just isn't enough of a warning.

Everybody Says Meow
Everybody Says Meowby  Constance Lombardo
Everybody Says Meow! Or do they? Fans of Sandra Boynton and of Jules Feiffer's classic Bark, George will meow, bark, and ribbit when they hear this hilarious picture book about a waggish group of adorable animals that just cannot follow one simple instruction.

Fear the Bunny
Fear the Bunnyby Richard T. Morris
In a forest where everyone fears rabbits, a fierce tiger tries to persuade the animals that they should fear him, instead.

I Can Only Draw Worms
I Can Only Draw Wormsby  Will Mabbitt
Teaches the reader to count to ten using worms that have great adventures or everyday experiences, described but not illustrated due to the author/illustrator's inability to draw anything but worms.

Octopantsby  Suzy Senior
An octopus searches in vain for underpants that fit, until a seahorse offers a useful observation that changes the way the octopus sees the problem.

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas
Piranhas Don't Eat Bananasby Aaron Blabey
Told in rhyming text, Brian tries to get his fellow piranhas to try his fruit and vegetable platter, but they all prefer meat--like those human feet dangling in the water.

Pokko and the Drum
Pokko and the Drumby  Matthew Forsythe
When Pokko plays her drum in the forest she suddenly finds herself surrounded by an entire band of animal musicians.

Shake the Tree!
Shake the Tree!by  Chiara VignocchiIllustrated by  Silvia Borando
Various animals take turns shaking a tree in search of a tasty meal. It starts with Mouse who wants a nut so she shakes the tree a little to the right, and a little to the left. But it isn't the nut that falls from the tree, it's Fox who thinks that Mouse looks pretty tasty! Soon a warthog and then a bear come along with similar ideas. Little readers will enjoy the just-made-it escapes and the fun shaking-action that readers can do along with this interactive picture book.

What Does an Anteater Eat?
What Does an Anteater Eat?by Ross Collins
Anteater wakes up hungry and has a problem--he can't remember what an anteater eats! He decides to take a walk through the jungle, hoping one of the other animals can help him find an answer. Will the sloth, the cheetah, or the bats be able to tell him what he should eat?