Websites For Fun

Build With Chrome: Create and design 3D Lego creations. 

Makey Makey
Quick Start Guide 
Makey Makey Gallery

PowToon: Create visual presentations that include sounds and images.

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Weebly: Create your own 
Little Alchemy: Create real and imaginary objects by mixing different elements.
Voki: Create talking avatars.
Be Funky: Cartoonize photos with various colors, designs and images. 

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Blabberize: Create a talking photo. Upload a photo of you--or something else--then add sound. You can share with others via email. 

CanvasDraw - This Google App allows you to create and share online drawings.

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Sketchpad - Another Google App that allows you to create drawings. This is an easy-to-use app.
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Origami Player - Get a square piece of paper, follow the directions, and create your own piece of origami art. 

Bitstrips - Create an avatar to add meaning to your projects.

Slides - Use this app for lots of new and improved Power Point slides. Just make sure that you give Slide Carnival credit in your presentation.

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Lego Spinner - Want to try to make your own Lego Fidget Spinner?  Click here!